Sjoeks/Shooks Family Photos - 1880 to 1960

Women of the Tony Shooks family taken in 1918: Back row: Ella (deceased), Winifred (who will be 100 on 12/16/04), Tillie (mother), Gladys (deceased), and Della (deceased); Front row: Catherine (94) and Jeanette (deceased)

The Tony Shooks family (photo taken at Ellsworth Community Hall, 1939):  Standing: Vernon, Donald, Percy, John, Wesley, Tony, Gladys; Sitting: Della, Ella, Tony Sr., Tillie, Winifred, Katherine

Tillie and Tony Shooks (Tony is the son of Jan and Wytske Sjoeks/Shooks)

Vet and Tena Shooks on their 40th wedding anniversary (Vet is the son of Jan and Wytske Sjoeks/Shooks)

The Jan Sjoeks farm, 1910, as seen from the north/front side

Carl and Bob Shooks (sons of John (Jack) and Lillie Mae Shooks)

Roelof and Pieter Shooks, photo taken around 1890?

Watse (Walter) Sjoeks, Age 17 (b. 1883, d. 1904)

Della Sjoeks and her father, Jan Sjoeks

Jan (John) Pieters Sjoeks

Wytske Hoogland Sjoeks

Jan and Wytske Shooks

The Jan Sjoeks Family (John Jr., Robert, Jan, & Ralph)

The Ralph Shooks family (Nina, Lizzie, John, & Ralph)

John and Kate (Postmus) Shooks

Sylvester ("Vet") Shooks, Age 25 -- Vet took a picture with his own camera, developed the film, and made this post card which he sent to Katherine Aardema 2 months before their marriage.

Sylvester ("Vet") Shooks, Age 16

Katherine (Aardema) Shooks (b. 1887, d. 1957), pencil drawing from a photo taken ~ 1903

Jan and Wytske Sjoeks's Farm in Antrim County, Michigan, photo taken before 1935

Vet Shooks's Birthplace, in North Blendon, Michigan, photo taken before 1910

The Sylvester Shooks Family (Walter, Katherine, Versal, Marvin, Vester, Margaret, Winifred), photo taken ~1946